Experiencing cities barefoot

The new project

Winter is slowly coming to an end and there were already the first really warm spring days. This also increases the longing to get to know something other than the immediate vicinity of your own home. Different landscapes, different people and definitely different cities.

COVID-19 is still slowing us down, but hopefully this nightmare will also be over one day.

There is a huge number of city guides in the bookshops. Also the Web provides us with plenty of information on new cities. There is only one aspect on which ususally no information is provided: what about being barefoot in the city? How are the surfaces? Are there any special places that you should experience barefoot? Barefoot insider tips, so to speak? Are there areas with difficult surfaces? How do people react to bare feet? Are there sights or restaurants where there are regular problems if you don’t wear shoes? What the immediate vicinity of the city is offering for people which love being barefoot?

We like to provide you with a new offer in the blog, inspired by our guest author Klaus from Erding, who knows many cities from business trips: Reviews about cities and districts, based on a pattern. A concept we used already for our minimalist shoe tests. With clear criteria that help both the author and the reader.

The idea is clear: Many of us live in a city or at least nearby and have been barefoot there many times. We know the great barefoot places, but also the less beautiful ones, we have a feeling for the residents, we know where there might even be problems from time to time. The best conditions to summarize this in such a field report.

Perhaps we even know other cities or districts inside out? From vacation trips within our home country and abroad, from visiting relatives, etc. Great. In this way, many reviews might be collected.

The procedure would be as used already for the minimalist shoe tests. If you are interested in contributing a city review, we will send you a dedicated template (Word) where you can insert your text for each category. Many photos would also be nice, we will then add them for you to the text according to your ideas. And what if the trees in the photos are not yet leafy? No matter, you can submit summer pictures subsequently at any time to replace the ones taken in winter or spring.

And don’t worry, the information that is important to know for experience a city with bare feet is absolutely enough. Or better, the city center or an interesting city district, because we as travelers are of course particularly interested in that.

You are welcome to describe the character of the city or the district, perhaps also sights that one should have experienced barefoot. But not more as the rest can easily be found in said city guides and on the Web.

If someone thinks that an existing city review should perhaps be supplemented or corrected, no problem. It can be done by commenting the review by using the blog function or emailing us. The existing report will then be adapted accordingly after consultation with the original author and the name of the additional author will be entered.

Not that difficult, is it?

It is always useful to illustrate ideas by examples. In this case with experience reports about my new hometown Füssen in the Allgäu as well as my long-term place of residence Trier.

Do you feel like taking part? Or do you have any questions? Just write us a short email and you will get the material you need. We would be glad!

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